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This is a community wiki made for the Minecraft mod "ReactorCraft" by Reika. Any and all information on this wiki is taken from the original creator of the mod or added by community members in order to assist new players to the mod learn how to use the added blocks. If you are capable of adding any information to the pages of this wiki, please feel free to do so at any time you wish.

ReactorCraft is an add-on by Reika for the popular Minecraft modification RotaryCraft. ReactorCraft adds into Minecraft realistic nuclear reactors based around the RotaryCraft power system which itself is based on the real world physics of rotary power.

The mod can be located at the following URL: Official Forum Post

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The BasicsEdit

Basic Terms Relevant Physics
Material Properties Load Limits
Basics of Power Transfer Machines by Tier

Processing MachinesEdit

Uranium Processor Isotope Centrifuge
Electrolyzer Ammonia Synthesizer
Neutron Irradiation Chamber

Power Generation MachinesEdit

Steam Boiler Steam Line
Steam Grate Turbine
Condenser Heat Exchanger

HTGR ComponentsEdit

Pebble Bed Reactor Core Carbon Dioxide Heat Exchange

Fission Reactor ComponentsEdit

Fuel Core Control Rod
Coolant Cell Central Control

Breeder Reactor ComponentsEdit

Breeder Reactor Core Sodium Heater

Fusion Reactor ComponentsEdit

Hydrogen Preheater Fusion Plasma Injector
Toroid Magnet Solenoid Magnet
Neutron Absorber

Utility MachinesEdit

Gas Collector Gas Duct
Magnetic Containment Pipe Heavy Water Extractor
Spent Fuel Container Nuclear Waste Disposal Drum


Radiation Goggles Reactor CPU Remote Control
Hazmat Suit Geiger Counter

Tutorials and SpotlightsEdit