Heavy Water Extractor

Heavy Water Extractor

You can use this machine to seperate heavy water from regular water at the bottom of ocean biomes. This is a crucial step in the production of deuterium which is a major component to a functioning fusion reactor. If you have plans of building a fusion reactor you will need to invest in this machine. Power is input from the bottom and heavy water is removed via one of the sides. This block must be placed below y=45 and at least 16 blocks of source water must be above this machine. In addition to this, water must be present on at least 3 sides of this machine to operate.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"Heavy water is a special type of water that contains deuterium in place of hydrogen. Deuterium is more dense than hydrogen and thus heavy water exists in small quantities at the bottom of large bodies of water. The Heavy Water Extractor's purpose is to separate the heavy water from the normal water near the ocean floor.  Due to heavy water's natural density, this can only occur in an ocean biome below y=45, and the extractor will only function if it has at least 16 source blocks of water above it and if it is surrounded on three other sides by water."

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power

65536 W

Required Torque

512 Nm

Power Input


Power InputEdit

Input Location Bottom

Heavy Water OutputEdit

Output Location Sides

Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Input Power
  • Input Torque

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click Nothing
Shift + Right Click Nothing

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Operation time = 20-2*log2(Speed)